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What a difference!

I had worked with another company previously and I really felt like a number.There was no attention to detail or my personal needs. Sly created a custom system for me that is absolutely perfect!

Adam A.


Great systems, amazing cut-ins and top-notch service.

Chris W.


I knew nothing about hair systems.  James was my go-to during that time period.  He showed me everything and always answered my questions.  Sly has really changed my life. 

Wilson S.



What is a Hair System?

A Hair System is essentially a prosthetic hairpiece that is either glued or taped to your head.  The Hair System is then cut-in to your existing hair to create a seamless blend.

What are the different types of Hair Systems?

There are many different types of Hair Systems, the most common being Lace, Poly or a combination of the two.  At Sly Hair Co. we have access to every type of Hair System imaginable.  Schedule a consultation with us to determine which base best fits your needs.

How long do Hair Systems last?

Hair Systems can last anywhere from 2-12 months depending on the type of system you purchase.  As a rule of thumb generally the more realistic a system looks the shorter lifespan it has.

Can I walk in anytime for a consultation?

No, all of our consultations/services are by appointment only.

I have a system from another maker, will you attach it?

No, we do not attach systems from other makers.

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located in midtown Manhattan, right next to Grand Central Station.

What happens at a consultation?

Our free consultations are basically a chance for you to chat with our hair specialist and discuss your goals in terms of hair restoration.  There is no “once size fits all” when it comes to hair-loss.  Our hair specialist will explain the options so that you can make an informed decision.

What's the difference between a custom and a Stock System?

A stock system is readily available as they are all produced to the same specifications.  A custom system is made to your specific specifications including color, wave, shape and density.  Stock systems are ready to install  within days whereas Custom Systems take around 8 weeks to produce.  Both systems are made to the highest level of quality.

Are your Hair Systems made with human hair?

Yes, all of our Hair Systems are made with 100% human hair.  Custom systems can be upgraded to European hair.

I'm not Located in new York City, can you ship me a system?

Yes, we ship both custom and stock systems worldwide.